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Contact & Questions

Marla Friedler-Cooper




Frequently Asked Questions


What should I bring to class?
1. A flat buckle collar and a soft lead (no choke collars)
2. A hungry dog
3. Small cut up soft treats (cheese, little pieces of meat, dog treats)
4. Toys you can toss and/or tug
5. Water for you and your dog
6. A crate for your dog is recommended but not required

What should I wear to class?
1. Comfortable clothing
2. Comfortable shoes (preferably athletic shoes)

What if my dog is reactive?
1. You may need private lessons to work on behavioral issues before you can join a class. If you are not sure, please send an email so we can set up an evaluation session.

What if I have to cancel a private lesson?
1. You may cancel a private lesson with 24 hours notice. After that you will be charged the full fee.

How do I know which class to start in?
If you have a puppy or a dog you would like to start in some basic obedience and/or a dog you plan to do agility with, you should start in Obedience or Foundation. Obedience class focuses on basic obedience and Foundation class works on the building blocks for more advanced dog sport skills.

If you are already competing or are getting ready to compete and you would like to learn a clear and consistent method of handling, you should start in Intermediate Agility.

Why can’t my dog wear a choke collar?

1. It is very dangerous for your dog to wear a choke collar while agility training.
2. Choke collars are highly demoralizing to dogs and we are working on creating a highly motivated, energetic dog who loves life!


How do I get started?

Click on the link below to fill out our easy web form. You can then pay using paypal.  Once I receive your registration you will receive an email with directions, what to bring to class and other pertinent information.

Register online using our convenient web form